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This page is not just about summer camps. It's about building a community of empowered individuals committed to sustaining positive change. We believe in creating a ripple effect that lasts beyond the lifetime of the project.

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The Green-Life Skills Handbook is a transformative guide tailored to empower climate-smart youth, providing them with actionable knowledge and strategic insights to actively support climate initiatives.

Helpfull tools

Organizing summer camps and weekend forest getaways involves careful planning and coordination. You can access a user-friendly, structured checklist to help guide you through the process.


Our handbook is an excellent source of information about green living in both rural and urban settings. It gives an overview on green jobs and employment prospect. Additionally the handbook provides a detailed chapter on organizing youth initiatives, offering practical checklist for those who aim to organize youth camps. 








Let the Journey Begin

Join our summer celebration and create your own story full of adventures and friendships!


Diverse Landscape  From picturesque valleys to hilly terrains – Luxembourg will surprise you with its diversity.

The portal for leisure activities
Operated by the National Youth Service, this portal includes a wide variety of activities (weekends, camps and colonies)
A holiday for everyone!
Every year, youngcaritas offers a series of themed camps, summer camps and ski and snowboard camps in Luxembourg and abroad.
Holiday Camps
Experiences and adventures among peers: this is how the holiday camps for young people in Luxembourg's youth hostels


Beautiful Beaches and Mountains From the golden beaches of Costa del Sol to the majestic mountains of Sierra Nevada.

De Amicitia
We have the accreditation of the Erasmus+ Program for sending, hosting and coordinating volunteer projects.
Madrid YesEuropa
We are here to bring out your potential as a participant in international projects and improve your employability when you return to Spain.
Go Camp Spain!
To GO camp spain, the most important thing is to find participants who, through their involvement and passion for dealing with kids, transmit values, culture, and also get the kids to communicate in English as long as possible.


Culture and Tradition Poland is a country rich in history and tradition. Our camps allow youth to delve into cultural heritage and discover the charms of local traditions.

Our offer includes nearly 500 holiday trips and trips to various corners of the world.
Obozowa Przygoda
Here you will find a list of all our summer trips. We organize camps both in Poland and abroad.
Kocham Wakacje
We have access to both the sea and the mountains, as well as to many other extremely charming places, such as National Parks, lakes and historic castles.


Landmarks and History Italy is a country full of landmarks such as the Colosseum and the Vatican, taking participants on a fascinating journey through the centuries.

Ivy Tour Basilicata
We are a travel agency and a Lucanian tour operator specialized in trips to Basilicata.
The Aquarius is a naturalistic village built in Policoro, in the heart of Magna Graecia, immersed in the uncontaminated nature of the Mediterranean scrub and bathed by the waters of the Ionian Sea.
Visiting the Pollino National Park is equivalent to taking a dive into the most extreme nature of one of the last still uncontaminated strips of the Italian peninsula.


Technological Innovation Germany is known for advanced technology and innovation, providing inspiration for young minds.

Quality care during holiday camps is our top priority! Youth hostels have been organizing trips for children and young people for more than 100 years.
You don't always have to travel long for the perfect vacation - discover our wonderful summer camps in Germany!
We have the right summer trip for every child: whether the popular farm holidays, riding holidays in Saxony or holiday camps in Brandenburg.

Camp Checklist

Our personalized checklist makes it easy for you to organize your belongings before departure, preventing stress and ensuring you don't forget any crucial items.

Our partners

Thanks to them, we create something more than unforgettable moments.

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